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InstaSize Photo Editor for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

InstaSize Photo Editor for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

InstaSize Photo Editor

It’s time for you to throw away all those old apps, and give something new and cool a try. InstaSize Photo Editor is everything you’ve always wanted, all in one application! You will be surprised at how much you can actually achieve. Furthermore, this great app is easily accessible and can be yours in just a single click!

In case you are wondering, InstaSize Photo Editor has already achieved more than 200 million downloads. That is more that many apps out there can even get close to! But don’t be too excited just yet! In this article we will cover up all the reasons why you should go and get this app for yourself.

Many of you are probably familiar with the promises many apps give you, of high quality experiences and results, but what part of that is actually true? When it comes to InstaSize Photo Editor, you can discover the truth on your own. For starters, this wonderful app has all the awesome next generation premium filters. All the editing tools, you will have the priority to edit with, are very advanced and almost professional. On top of that, InstaSize Photo Editor is quickly becoming the #1 must have photo editor app. It’s perfect for anyone, who creates pictures, collages, or videos.

Even more reasons why you should choose InstaSize Photo Editor

Are you tired of all those complicated applications, which at first seem very useful. But, truth be told, how can anything be useful when it’s so complicated, that in the end nothing can actually be achieved. Lost time and lost nerves, nothing more. But here come the good news! InstaSize Photo Editor offers an easy to use interface, that integrates a photo editor, collage maker and video editor. Furthermore, you will be presented with unmatched free and premium filters and precise editing tools. All of them are designed to help you create the perfect image or video. And we all know what happens next. When you succeed in creating that perfect image or video with InstaSize Photo Editor, the next step is to share it with your friends online. We all love that part!

I won’t be exaggerating, if I tell you that InstaSize Photo Editor is the only app out there to combine a photo editor, collage maker, and video editor, all into an easy to use interface. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, it definitely isn’t a dream, because the app is out there, waiting for you to try it out! Why not join the millions of people who use the most powerful and advanced photo video editor on the App Store? When that many people have put trust in an app, you can be certain it’s worth it!

With InstaSize Photo Editor you can create amazing pictures, videos and collages in just a matter of minutes. The best part – the app is free to use! What are you still doing here? Go and download InstaSize Photo Editor now!

Aillis Photo Editor for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Aillis Photo Editor for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Aillis Photo Editor for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadAillis Photo Editor is a fun new editor that lets you make great collages. You can instantly take new photos with Aillis Photo Editor and edit them to make the people look funny.

Some of the features that you can add on the photos that you take are – mustaches, glasses, crazy masks and many more.

As all other similar apps, Aillis Photo Editor has several different categories of effects and filters. The collection of filters and effects is so large that, you will need days to go through everything. You can also add semi-3D effects by using the “tilt” option on the app. Another effect that you can use is, skin color, which changes the skin color of the people on the photos. Recently 6 new skin colors have been added.

After you have edited the image with the effects that you want, all you have to do is save it and share it on a social network or through Email. Aillis Photo Editor, has built in function that allows you to instantly share the pictures that you work on.

Aillis Camera Photo Editor can also be used on your PC. To use Aillis on your computer you have to install, a so called Android Emulator. What these Android Emulators do is that, they let you run Android applications on your computer, so its handy to have one for times like this. You can use the Bluestacks emulator to run Aillis Photo Editor on your computer or on your Mac.

Its also noteworthy that Aillis used to be called LINE camera, so you might know it with that name.

InstaSize APK – Free Download for Android or PC

InstaSize APK – Free Download for Android or PC

InstaSize APK App - Free DownloadInstasize APK is a file that lets you install Instasize on your Android phone. This is one of the ways to install Instasize, and the other way is to directly install it from the Google Play Store.

Instasize APK is an application that lets you easily edit photos, crop them and then directly uploading them to your Instagram account.

It is very easy to use the application, because it lets you import photos from your albums. If you don’t have photos ready for editing, you can make a new photo with your camera.

A thing worth mentioning is that Instasize APK is free. So if you are an Instagram junkie you will surely need this app, and you will not need to spend any money to get it.

Instasize APK also has a set of over 14 unique filters that you can apply on your photos.

You can change the color or the design of the border after you crop the photo.

Instasize APK can also be used to install the application on your computer. First you will need to install an Android Emulator. The pros of having Instasize APK on your PC is that, you will have a much larger screen on which you can edit your photos. Not to mention the speed compared to your phone.

Instasize Photo Editor also allows you to add stickers, notes or text on top of your images. This will help you remember important details about them. Like, when and where you took the photo. That’s of course, unless you already have the date stamp from your camera.

This is one of the must apps for you if you are using Android.

Download Pokemon Go 1.01 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.01 APK Android

Pokemon Go 1.01 APK ANDROIDPokemon Go 1.01 APK is the next game that is on its way to rule the world. Young or old, everyone has waited for years and years for Pokemon Go 1.01 APK to be released.

This is the newest and coolest game for you that has one thing that sets it apart from all the others (not mentioning that some of you grew up watching Pokemon). It makes you walk!

If you want to Catch Em All! you have to start walking, because, just like in the movie, the pokemons in Pokemon Go 1.01 APK are hiding all around the REAL world! That’s right, you may find a pokemon just outside your home or at the nearest coffee shop.

There have been unconfirmed rumors that you can find legendary pokemons at places like Everest, Lake Baikal and other exotic places, so if you are going somewhere, make sure to get your Pokemon Go 1.01 APK with you!

I myself enjoyed the game a lot, I really liked the anime when I was growing up. I was always waking up in 8 AM morning every Saturday and Sunday to watch.  At one point this was the only time during the week when they would play it on TV. If  I missed it for whatever reason, I was getting so angry at myself!

Now a few words about the app itself, it is worth mentioning that ever since the game was released, they made quite a lot of improvements, they fixed a lot of app crashes, forced log outs and many more.

Some of the newest features in Pokemon Go 1.01 APK are:

  • It remembers your login credentials so you don’t have to log in all the time
  • Google account scopes have been fixed and are no longer causing issues
  • A lot of crash issues were fixed

Anyway, back to reality, all you geeks, download the Pokemon Go 1.01 APK and start walking and catch ’em all, because dreams do come true!

Check the new version – Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK!

Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK is the newest version of the famous game. Millions of players are already playing, if you still haven’t tried it, now is the time with all the improvements that are going on! The game is now available for both Android and iOS. Some of the problems that were fixed in Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK include GPS and login issues.

Along with these, new battle damage values were calculated and refined. The user interface is much more smoother and better looking.

After you download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK update, you can easily install it. We didn’t have any issues while the game was updating and the game ran from the first time after the update.

If you haven’t tried Pokemon Go 1.1.0 yet, we have a quick introduction about an earlier version and a quick overview of the game, so make sure to check it out!

There are a lot of new features in the new 1.1.0 version:

  • Pokemon Go creatures have adjusted battle damage
  • Some Pokemons have new animations
  • Improved RAM usage, the game should run much better than before
  • You might not like this one – footprints of Pokemons that passed nearby are removed
  • Battle damage calculations are changed
  • A lot of problems with Wild Pokemons have been addressed
  • The User Interface looks much nicer now!
  • And a lot more features that are added or fixed!

Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK had a big impact on the world ever since it was released and millions of trainers and masters joined the game in a month, which was a total record. As you can see the creators are taking this seriously and Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK it is getting improved all the time.

Puffin Browser for PC

Puffin browser for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Puffin Browser for PCPuffin Browser for PC is a new browser that can be used on your mobile device aswell on your PC (but for that you have to use an additional software that I will tell you more about a bit later).

The word out is that, whoever tried Puffin Browser for PC, didn’t go back to their old browsers, simply because it seems that this browser is incredibly fast and easy to use.

When you are browsing the internet with Puffin Browser for PC aswell as with your mobile device, the most important gain that you will see is, its speed. You know very well how sometimes you leave websites just because they are loading slow. Well, you know what? The problem isn’t always in the websites (well sometimes, partially its their fault), its your browser aswell.

Your browser needs to be able to interpret the language in which the site is written very fast so that you can load it within a blink of an eye on your mobile device or on your PC. This is what Puffin Browser for PC does for you! It gives you speed!

Some other cool features of Puffin Browser for PC is that it can also run Adobe Flash animations (if you are visiting that kind of websites, you need that!) which are usually a huge pain in the ***, and usually slow your device a lot!

For those of you that use Puffin Browser for PC on your mobile phone, it has a virtual trackpad that you can use as a mouse!

The browser is also suitable for Browser games, it has the fastest JavaScript engine built into it, so that it can utilize your device power to its maximum and give you the best performance!

So, in the beginning I told you that I will tell you how you can run Puffin Browser for PC. Actually it’s quite simple!

All you have to do is Download the Bluestacks software on your computer and it will let you emulate Android on your computer. Now, I know what you may be thinking, that this will be slow and tedious, and it was! Years ago!

It’s just as a normal Android phone now, try it out! You can run a lot of other different apps aswell!

WeChat Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

WeChat Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

WeChat Online for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadWeChat Online was developed by a company called Tencent Holdings, residing in China. This company produces entertainment and media. With WeChat Tencent you receive a great app made for messaging and creating groups. With WeChat Online, groups can sustain up to 500 people. You can even make voice calls with up to 9 people! This is a great way to organize events!

Some of the other features of WeChat Online include “Multimedia Messaging” which allows you to send, messages, voice messages, videos, pictures, GIF’s, stickers and much more. Don’t forget to check out the “Sticker Gallery” that comes with custom made unique stickers you can use to better express your mood and emotion in chats. Create groups of interests with lots of friends and make communication between you effortless. A great way to connect with others! Privacy is really important in WeChat Online, therefore you have complete control over your personal privacy. If you have different interests, you can always subscribe to different groups that might share the same views as you.

That’s a great way to make some friends over this particular product. WeChat Online comes with 20 different languages as well as a translator option that is really accurate. This app is free. The only thing you pay for are the low tax prices on calling international numbers. Download weChat on PC to have an even better experience from home, with a better viewing experience. Organizing groups hasn’t been easier! Download WeChat App now!

UC Browser for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

UC Browser for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

UC Browser for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadUC Browser for PC is the best reliable driver on the market right now, usually for a smartphone or tablet, but these days you can have it on your personal computer too. Well adapted, same features as the mobile version, you can use it all the same on your PC. UC Browser for PC like we mentioned, has the same features as the mobile version of this product. In this review we would like to point them out, because according to many people who use this app – they find it as the best possible choice for them and suggest other browser users (who are sick from the default ones) to try it out.

UC Browser for PC has some cool features for a mobile browser. “Smooth browsing” for instance loads content beforehand. That’s a clever way for you not to wait for your favorite sites to load if the connection’s bad. Loading is the same with online videos as well. They load beforehand so you don’t have to wait but rather play that TANG! And with the “Cloud Sync” in UC Browser for PC you can share all the information you have on the current device with the other devices that have this app installed on them, which makes your browsing experience close to effortless. What makes the experience even smoother are the unique Add-Ons this device shares. We assume you are familiar with the “AdBlock” add-on, if not UC Browser for PC will familiarize.

So no more ads to pop up on your screen! When you download large files with UC Browser for PC and the connection is lost, it automatically resumes once it’s restored. With stable navigation and a user-friendly interface, you have all that you need in this browser. Use “Facebook mode”, “Smart Downloads”, “Night Mode” and much more! UC Browser also has “Fast mode” with thich you can speed your navigation even more to save precious time. If you use social media through UC Browser for PC it also speeds the process. Stabilize downloads with “Smart Downloading” feature. With this product you can enjoy the benefits of the mobile version in the comforts of your home.

TuneIn Radio Gratis para PC

Descargar TuneIn Radio Gratis para PC

TuneIn Radio Gratis para PCTuneIn Radio gratis es la mejor estación de radio en el mundo. Le ofrece todas sus emisoras de radio favoritas, canciones, canales de noticias, noticias del mundo y mucho más! Aquí tienes más de 100.000 estaciones se pueden elegir, por lo que TuneIn Radio gratis la mejor aplicación de radio en el mercado. Esta es la versión gratuita de esta aplicación. Si quieres disfrutar aún más estaciones y tienen aún más el acceso a la música, noticias y deportes – descarga TuneIn Radio Gratis en el teléfono inteligente, ordenador personal o tableta. Sí se puede descargar en su PC, así como con “Google Chromecast”.

Con TuneIn Radio gratis se puede elegir entre una variedad de estaciones que son de “clase mundial” y tienen la cobertura de la NFL, NHL y MLB noticias del juego! Lo mejor de este producto es que todas las estaciones y canales de noticias son en vivo y se puede disfrutar de ellos en cualquier lugar.

Usted también tiene la CNN, BBC, CBS, así como la radio ESPN y mucho más. Si usted es un fan de baloncesto o de fútbol, o ambos, para el caso, puede seguir a sus equipos favoritos a través de transmisiones en vivo y siempre se mantienen informados sobre ese resultado. Tunein Radio Gratis Obtener acceso a los contenidos bajo demanda. Podcasts, programas de debate y noticias – usted puede tener todo!

He mencionado que puede activar este producto mediante comandos de voz? Hablar de tener todo …
Si usted tiene una estación, noticias o los programas que está interesado en que pueda compartirlas en las redes sociales – “Facebook”, “Google Plus”, “vaso” o “Twitter”. TuneIn Radio gratis es sólo para ti!

TrueCaller for PC Free Download

TrueCaller for PC Free Download

truecallerTrueCaller for PC is the pc version of TrueCaller. This app is a popular calling and messaging app used by millions around the world. If you download TrueCaller for PC you will have the same options of the mobile version, but on a wider screen and easier to operate. Comes in 30 different languages and with some cool features we would like to review today.

Privacy is really important for the producers of this product, therefore you have complete control over it. See the pictures and the names of the ones that are calling you by copying their number in a separate window to determine if rather you have them in your contacts or you don’t. You can set a timer of when you will be available to talk so people won’t intrude if you are busy. Phone book contacts and TrueCaller for PC contacts don’t sync.

The only case where your contacts sync (and you will be asked for it) is when you have this app on pc and a smartphone for instance and if you have the same number registered, your contacts can sync. This will ease you up a lot. Great thing is that you can always block spam-calls. TrueCaller for PC network insists on proper registrations from their clients. That way everyone is registered and you can always check, who’s calling. Customize your own profile, block spammers, lower tax payments on calling international numbers, and best of all – this app is free to use.

Downloading this product on your personal computer takes a few simple steps. First you install an emulator called “Andy” or “Bluestacks” (both are pretty neat). Then you run the mobile version of the app through the emulator. You register with a new number or your old one and now you have TrueCaller for PC installed and ready to go!