Download Pokemon Go 1.01 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.01 APK Android

Pokemon Go 1.01 APK ANDROIDPokemon Go 1.01 APK is the next game that is on its way to rule the world. Young or old, everyone has waited for years and years for Pokemon Go 1.01 APK to be released.

This is the newest and coolest game for you that has one thing that sets it apart from all the others (not mentioning that some of you grew up watching Pokemon). It makes you walk!

If you want to Catch Em All! you have to start walking, because, just like in the movie, the pokemons in Pokemon Go 1.01 APK are hiding all around the REAL world! That’s right, you may find a pokemon just outside your home or at the nearest coffee shop.

There have been unconfirmed rumors that you can find legendary pokemons at places like Everest, Lake Baikal and other exotic places, so if you are going somewhere, make sure to get your Pokemon Go 1.01 APK with you!

I myself enjoyed the game a lot, I really liked the anime when I was growing up. I was always waking up in 8 AM morning every Saturday and Sunday to watch.  At one point this was the only time during the week when they would play it on TV. If  I missed it for whatever reason, I was getting so angry at myself!

Now a few words about the app itself, it is worth mentioning that ever since the game was released, they made quite a lot of improvements, they fixed a lot of app crashes, forced log outs and many more.

Some of the newest features in Pokemon Go 1.01 APK are:

  • It remembers your login credentials so you don’t have to log in all the time
  • Google account scopes have been fixed and are no longer causing issues
  • A lot of crash issues were fixed

Anyway, back to reality, all you geeks, download the Pokemon Go 1.01 APK and start walking and catch ’em all, because dreams do come true!

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