Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK Android

Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK is the newest version of the famous game. Millions of players are already playing, if you still haven’t tried it, now is the time with all the improvements that are going on! The game is now available for both Android and iOS. Some of the problems that were fixed in Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK include GPS and login issues.

Along with these, new battle damage values were calculated and refined. The user interface is much more smoother and better looking.

After you download Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK update, you can easily install it. We didn’t have any issues while the game was updating and the game ran from the first time after the update.

If you haven’t tried Pokemon Go 1.1.0 yet, we have a quick introduction about an earlier version and a quick overview of the game, so make sure to check it out!

There are a lot of new features in the new 1.1.0 version:

  • Pokemon Go creatures have adjusted battle damage
  • Some Pokemons have new animations
  • Improved RAM usage, the game should run much better than before
  • You might not like this one – footprints of Pokemons that passed nearby are removed
  • Battle damage calculations are changed
  • A lot of problems with Wild Pokemons have been addressed
  • The User Interface looks much nicer now!
  • And a lot more features that are added or fixed!

Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK had a big impact on the world ever since it was released and millions of trainers and masters joined the game in a month, which was a total record. As you can see the creators are taking this seriously and Pokemon Go 1.1.0 APK it is getting improved all the time.